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Since our founding

in 1904, the Rankin Christian Center has taught individuals and families new ways to grow spiritually and emotionally through a variety of program services. We are touching the lives of people in the Mon Valley through our integrated, strengths-based approach to meeting clients needs.

Responding to the Challenge

We respond to the challenges of our service area by actively seeking strategic partnerships with other groups and providers to better address the community needs.

Interested in a Program?

Contact us via email, phone call or plan a visit to discuss what option best suits your needs.

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Here For A Reason

The Agency has always viewed itself as part of the community and has adapted to the changes and needs of the community.
In the 1920’s and thirties the Agency impacted the community as the issues were immigration and migration.In the 1940’s, two African American young ladies, Dorothy Height and Mabel Lewis impacted the community as the issue was integration at the Center. In the 50’s a great fire destroyed several blocks of the Rankin community. Our warmth and hospitality impacted a devastated Rankin.
In the sixties and seventies the issues turned to public schools and quality education. No matter the decade or the issue the Agency continues to be a voice in the community, impacting lives for a brighter future.