A.N Minney Scholarship

A.N Minney


We believe that the A.N. Minney Scholarship Program is unique in Allegheny County. Since the 1970s, the Rankin Christian Center has raised thousands of dollars through private donations, which are then awarded as scholarships to those seniors in the Woodland Hills School District who graduate from High School and are enrolled in either a College or Trade School. Successful completion of their High School work is the only criteria for consideration for the scholarship funds.

The A. N Minney Scholarship is an excellent opportunity for the Woodland Hills High School graduates. It is designed for students planning to continue their education via College or Trade School. It is also made available for students throughout their 2 or 4 year college experience as well as Trade School.

Usually, between 30 and 50 graduating seniors receive scholarship awards of up to $1200, for their use in pursuing higher education goals. Additionally, those students who are currently enrolled in a College Degree or Trade School Program are eligible to receive a smaller scholarship from the A.N. Minney Scholarship Program. As mentioned, all funds are privately raised and no revenues from Foundation Funding or Tax-Based Revenue are used for this purpose.

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