A.N Minney Scholarship



The History of the A.N. Minney Scholarship

The AN, Minney fund was organized in 1979. 44 years ago! The fund was named after the late Reverend Albert Norman Minney who was a civic leader in the Mon Valley. His wife, Joanne Minney, served as honorary chairman until her death in 2001. Created to encourage General Braddock High School students to pursue higher education. Ten students would receive $100 each to assist with the purchase of books for college.

Rankin Christian Center now makes the application available to all students who attended Woodland Hills School District and/or who are active in RCC programs.

RCC is deeply grateful for the continuous support we receive from churches, businesses, individuals, our Board of Directors, former recipients, all of whom make it possible for this great story to continue. Every dollar raised goes directly to our awardees.

We look forward to the applications we will receive this year and the many students we will be able to bless with financial support.

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