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The Mon Valley Program delivers services in a way that is uniquely people-driven, committed, and progressive. For children and adults who have been diagnosed with an intellectual disability, and/or Autism. Supports Coordination (SC) is a well-known and well-respected program that helps with locating,coordinating and monitoring services that improve the quality of their lives.

We Recognize Each Family

has its own unique needs, their own dreams, and we help to work toward those goals. Our Support Coordinators take the time and effort to listen to what each individual wants out of life. We use those dreams to develop specific and measurable personal goals and outcomes that work toward improved self-sufficiency and independence.

Interested in a Program?

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Mon Valley Supports Coordination Program (MVSC) locates, coordinates and monitors support services for people diagnosed with intellectual disabilities and/or autism (I.Q. 70 or lower, onset must occur prior to age 22). The Program advocates for an individual's social, health, safety and emotional needs while assisting the individual and his or her family in navigating the social service system. MVSC has established itself as a leader among the Supports Coordination sector by delivering services in a way that is uniquely people-driven, committed and progressive.

MVSC strengths as a SCO include:

➤ Advocacy of Individual rights.
➤ Development and maintenance of an Individual Support Plan (ISP).
➤ Determining the need for services and developing "outcomes."
➤ Identifying and locating providers of services.
➤ Coordinating waiver services when funding is available.
➤ Ensuring services are received as outlined in the ISP.
➤ Ensuring health and safety.
➤ Available 24 hours a day for Emergencies.
➤ Accountability and responsiveness at every level of the organization.

For more information please call: 412-464-1545 Ext: 2694

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