Seniors on the Move

The Seniors on the Move Program


Seniors-on-the-Move strives to keep senior citizens active and independent through a wide range of social, recreational, spiritual, educational, nutritional and personal safety activities. What makes this program unique is the intergenerational nature of these program services, as they are often supplemented by service projects performed by the Afterschool and Youth of the Nation Youth programs.

Time Schedule:
 Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday
 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM

The Seniors on the Move Program provides older adults in the community with socialization/recreation, health and wellness programs.

Below is a short list of what the program offers.
☉  Choir
☉  Hot Lunch
☉  Art
☉  Bingo
☉  Book Club
☉  Computer Class
☉  Craft Class
☉  Exercise

Contact us for a list of all activities and programs.

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